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I Am Richer Than Every Single Person Doing ‘Online Fraud” – Gospel Singer Frank Edwards Reveals



Iconic Nigerian gospel singer Frank Edward surprised young attendees at a recent concert with a stern warning about the dangers of getting money from evil places.

He revealed that it’s not as exciting as it may seem, especially for those involved in internet fraud popularly known as “yahoo boys.”

Frank Edward explained that some of the boys who engage in internet fraud go to extreme lengths, like undergoing some devilish rituals, just to money .

However, the conditions attached to maintaining their riches are not as pleasant as perceived.

For instance, some are told not to take their bath for years in order to maintain their wealth, while others are compelled to abandon their families to keep their wealth.

The gospel singer offered an advise the youth to stay clear of such dangerous paths, highlighting that seeking money this way is not morally right and spiritually harmful.

Instead, Frank Edward urged the youth to put all their trust in God’s blessings, citing his own life as an example.

The Gospel singer said that he became rich through the help of Almighty God and talent, and no “yahoo boy” could compare his riches to that of his God-given wealth.

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