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Stardom Comes With A Lot Of Pressure – Lawyer Nti Reveals



Popular Ghanaian comic actor, recognized for his participation in the “Kejetia vrs Makola” comedy show, Lawyer Nti known has stated being a star in Ghana is a very tedious thing because it comes with a whole lot of pressure and massive expectation from people.

According to Lawyer Nti, people, especially family members put pressure on relatives who are famous because they have the notion that, fame comes with wealth and monetary affluence.

Speaking in a recent interview on Kumasi-based Ezra FM, Lawyer Nti stated that, there is pressure from people the moment one becomed a star.

He reiterated that people assume the moment you begin to appear on television screens or radio, then you are automatically filthy-rich.

Lawyer Nti further highlighted that some individuals who first made appearances on TV screens, actors and actresses have created the notion that once you appear on screens you automatically become wealthy.

In light of this assertion, the public with that notion has also created that mindset, hence even when they see a rising star, they don’t even give him or her the opportunity to make an appreciable amount of money before making demands.

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