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Listening To Music By Secular Artistes Will Pave Way For Demonic Spirits Into Your Life – Evangelist Mike Bamiloye



The Overseer of Mount Zion Gospel Movies, Envangelist mike bamiloye in his recent Facebook post shared a message to the public.

The widely revered Nigerian evangelist began by noting that when one listens to secular music, he or she introduces demons into his/her life.

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While speaking, the cleric stated emphatically that, When one listens to secular music, the type that doesn’t glorify God, he/she is opening his/her heart to the music that glorifies the devil and in doing so, he/she is opening the door of his/her heart to ministrations perpetuated by demonic spirits.

Speaking further on his assertion, he said numerous secular songs have hidden sources and some sources of these songs are very demonic.

He reiterated that some dance steps were masterminded and created by demonic spirit beings and introduced into the world by selected musicians in exchange for huge riches and wealth.

Concluding on his assertion, Evangelist Bamiloye said some musical lyrics are incantations and spells upon the listeners and fans, causing them to misbehave whenever they hear and sing it, adding that some music makers bring their music and percussions from the spirit beings from the depth of the sea.

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