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Massive Reactions As Man Returns Ghc35,000 Mistakenly Sent To His Bank Account



A young Nigerian-based man who goes by the name Julius Eze, has obviously shown people the true meaning of honesty.
Between Friday night, July 9, and Saturday morning, July 10, when all banks in Nigeria were closed, he received a whopping amount of N2.5m in three batches.
The first credit alert he received was the sum of N500,000. Just when he was thinking about who might have mistakenly sent this surprise money, he got another credit alert for N1 million the next morning.
Astonishingly, Eze was in complete disbelief when another credit alert  of N1 million came in.
Taking to his Facebook page on Sunday, July 11, the honest man posted screenshots of the credit alerts’ SMS as they came in.
In the said post, he promised to go to the bank on Monday, July 12, so he could transfer the money to its owner.
In the said description, the credit alerts carried the tag name Ekunie Nnameka Wilson. As promised, Eze, the young man who clearly wast Interested in embezzling the amount, went to the bank and partly wrote, “I dey bank! It’s not my money. Late Friday evening and early Saturday morning, I received alert totaling N2.5m into my access account, few hours later I was able to trace the owner.”
He stated that he contacted the sender and investigated to confirm if the money truly belongs to him. Attached to this post were screenshots of forms as he readied to return the sum of money to its rightful owner.
A few hours later, Eze shared snapshots of debit alerts to show that the money has been returned to its rightful owner.
After sharing the screenshots, a lot of Nigerians haven’t stopped praying for him while praising him for his genuine act of honesty.
Many Nigerians said people like him rarely exist as they prayed that he would soon be wealthier than the sum of money he returned.
Below are some reactions gathered by

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