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I Begged To Be A Cleaner In London But Nobody Employed Me – Sony Achiba



Veteran Ghanaian musician, Sony Achiba has finally opened up about the reasons behind his departure from Ghana to the United Kingdom.
In a recent interview with ZionFelix in London, Sony Achiba recounted the circumstances that resulted in his decision to travel to the United Kingdom.
The singer candidly revealed that he decided to relocate to the United Kingdom after facing the repercussions of a wrong investment.
He also admitted to taking money from certain individuals with the intention of investing it in a song back in 2002 and 2003 but unforunately thing went sideways in contravention to his initial plan.
Sony had hoped that the song’s success would give him the opportunity to repay the investors after promotion.
However, things did not go as planned, and the investment failed to yield the expected returns, resulting in financial difficulties and eventually influencing his decision to travel to the UK.
According to Sony, his promotional plans for the said tune were negatively affected by a comment made by Fiifi Banson on Peace FM while the song was being played on radio.
The comment seemingly had a negative effect on the song’s feedback and acceptance hindering its success, leading to unanticipated challenges in his promotional efforts.

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