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“I Completed My 5 Years Contract With Kaywa” – Mr. Drew Opens Up On Exit From Highly Spiritual Music



Ghanaian Afrobeats sensation and dancer, Mr. Drew, has finally expressed interest in the ungrateful tag following his recent exit from Highly Spiritual Music.

During an Instagram live session, the “Mood” hitmaker stated emphatically that he holds no grudges against his former boss and CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, contrary to the recent allegations made by most fans.

He further emphasized that he bears nothing against Kaywa and genuinely wishes his former boss well.

While admitting that direct communication between them has been a problem since his exit from the record label, he asserted that he still remains open to resolving any misunderstandings between his former label owner and himself.

In line with the alleged subtle shades thrown at him in recent interviews by renowned music producer Kaywa, Mr. Drew acknowledged that many people drew his attention to it.

However, he prefers to believe that the remarks made by Kaywa may not have been directed specifically at him, exhibiting a level of maturity and understanding.

Throughout his time with the Highly Spiritual Record Label, Mr. Drew demonstrated an unwavering commitment and dedication to his former boss and the label.

Despite battling with numerous challenges and not receiving some benefits stipulated in his contract as a signee, the “Dwe” hitmaker remained loyal and devoted to giving off his best to the label.

In contrast to his label mates who chose to leave after only fulfilling five years of their music contract, Mr. Drew stood by his entire five-year contract with due diligence, exhibiting his professionalism and integrity as an musician.

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