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Those Who Say Negative Things About Me Are Unhappy About Their Lives – Kidi



Lynx Entertainment signee and award-winning highlife singer, KiDi has revealed that after taking the bold step to stop making music during the early stages of the year 2023, his life saw a significant change.
In a recent interview with Andy Dosty, The “Touch It” hitmaker explained how the break gave him the chance to focus on other aspects of his life, including how to deal with social media trolls and false news broadcasted online.
During his short-term break, KiDi underwent an essential mental shift that prompted personal development and comprehension.
The singer reiterated that he has changed from the person he used to be in February, showing that his time away from the spotlight has helped him grow.
He went on to state that during his music break, he came to the important insight that social media trolls shouldn’t be taken seriously.
According to the “Spiritual” hitmaker, he now understands that many people who engage in negative behavior on the internet and social media are possibly projecting their frustration and sadness onto others, including celebrities like himself.

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