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How A Man Planning To Commit Suicide Laughed When I Told Him To Make Me His Next Of Kin – Apostle Johnson Suleman



The Head Pastor of Omega Fire International Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, revealed in a recent sermon delivered to his congregants, how he managed to deliver a man from committing suicide.

According to the recent video posted on his official Facebook page, the widely revered Apostle responded with a big ‘NO’, when he was questioned on whether an individual will go to hell for commiting suicide.

Apostle Johnson Suleman stated that he said ‘no’, and they kept asking further questions to prolong the discussion and to engage the questionnaire too.

In the process of the recent discussion, Apostle Johnson Suleman eventually got to know that, the person posing these questions was apparently the one planning to commit suicide as he appears to be tired of his life.

Furthermore, the man revealed that he possesses a car and has some money in his account, then Apostle Suleman told him to put his name as the next of kin since he is planning to die.

He reiterated that, it was at that moment that the depressed man burst into laughter.

The man later took the bold decision to spill out the main reason why he wanted to end his life.

The main in question revealed that a lady fainted and gave up the ghost, and people were claiming he used the departed lady for ritual which he claims he didn’t.

In line with the disclosure made by the depressed man, Apostle Suleman was highly disappointed that a man is planning to commit suicide simply because of a rumour which clearly holds no iota of truth.

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