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Nana Agradaa Places Curse On Her Husband For Revealing Their Secret



The back and forth between fetish priestess turned Evangelist Nana Agradaa and her former Women’s Fellowship Leader, Maa Mercy, took a dramatic twist when the former accused the latter of attempting to snatch her husband, Pastor Elvis Oduro Koranteng, away from her.

Whether or not these allegations hold any iota of truth, they seem to have a dire effect on Nana Agradaa’s assertion about her marriage.

Despite her husband, Pastor Oduro’s persistent denial of any secret amorous relationship with Maa Mercy, Nana Agradaa still remains firm in her belief.

Recently, she made public declarations about losing the love she once had for her husband, highlighting the serious mishaps in their relationship and raising eyebrows about why such a personal issue was made available on social media.

Agradaa’s sudden decision to air her grievances to the public, elicited both sympathy and castigations from numerous netizens.

However, she appears resolute in putting her husband on trial in the court of public opinion.

No matter how many times her husband pleads for forgiveness, his efforts appear to be in vain, as Nana Agradaa’s heart remains hardened and ready for vengeance.

She asserts that she will never find it in her heart to give him Pastor Oduro another chance.

Moving further on her campaign to disgrace her husband, Nana Agradaa once again went live on social media, raining insults and curses on him.

She stated that her husband had confided in Maa Mercy about the first menstruation of their daughter, instead of consulting her, which further fueled her infuriation and frustration.

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In her live broadcast, Mama Pat also known as Nana Agradaa labeled her husband an ungrateful idiot who dupes wealthy women for their money instead of working hard to make his own money.

The situation remains dire and continues to attract attention from netizens and fans as the public pays close attention as this intimate marital drama unfolds.