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The Biggest Mistake I Made In Life Was Marrying My Best Friend – Stella Damasus Reveals



Widely revered Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus has spoken candidly about what she sees as her “biggest mistake” and attributes it in part to her belief.
The popular Nigerian-based actress admitted that her decision to tie the knot with her best friend, who was also the choir director in her church, was influenced by the church she frequently attended.
According to her, the stress accompanied with she getting married to her close friend throughout her tenure as a choir member in a church she frequented, grew to be too much.
The actress eventually got married to him after giving in to societal and religious pressure.
However, shw openly acknowledges that she now regrets her choice to get married to her closest friend.
Despite their exceptional relationship, they had major impediments as a couple, which eventually resulted in the disintegration of their marriage.
The actress claims they weren’t meant to be together romantically, and the expectations placed on their shoulders by religious groups and colleagues prevented them from making an elite choice about their union.
The epiphany of Stella Damasus depicts a clear illustration of the numerous dynamics and forces that may influence a individual’s choices in regards to religion and societal expectations.
It emphasizes the importance of making realistic decisions devoid of external forces based on one’s personal feelings, wants and values.

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