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I Gave Her A Ride At Shiashie Only For Her To Turn Into A Giant Cobra At Lapaz – Man Narrates Scary Encounter



In a breathtaking account shared on social media, an unnamed Ghanaian man recounted a gruesome experience he had in Shiashie, a suburb of Accra.

The man revealed that he came across a stranded lady standing by the roadside and, being a good Samaritan who obviously wanted to help a stranded lady, he decided to offer her a ride to Kasoa, as he was heading in the same direction.

Everything appeared normal as they set off on their journey to Kasoa where they were both aiming to part ways at.

However, while passing through Lapaz, the man stole a rapid glance at the lady she decided to offer a drive, only to discover that she had disappeared from the car they were both seated in.

Terrified as he was, he parked the car to search for the lady, but to his horror, he discovered that the lady had metamorphosed into an gigantic cobra.

Gripped with fright and anxiety, the man wasted no time and took to his heels as he fled the scene, leaving his car behind in his helpless escape.

The horrific and unexplainable encounter left him alarmed and perplexed.

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