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How People I Sat With In A Car Gossiped About A Pastor Without Knowing It Was Me – Apostle Johnson Suleman Tells It All



Head Pastor and Overseer of Omega Fire International Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman recently shared a revealing incident where people gossiped about a pastor in his presence, not knowing he was the pastor they were talking about.

In a recent video shared on his official Facebook page, the Apostle recounted an experience where he sat with some individuals in a vehicle who began speaking ill about an African pastor.

Despite being the cynosure of their gossip, he decided not to reveal his identity as a man of God.

Apostle Suleman acknowledged that people do tell lies, but he was amazed by the orchestrated effort behind these falsehoods.

Explaining further, he decided to challenge them by pushing them to search for the pastor’s picture on Google, without giving them any hint he was the one they were gossiping about.

Their shock was conspicuous when they suddenly realized the person they were chatising was sitting right beside them.

The recent incident serves as a great lesson to refrain from spreading falsified information, speaking I’ll of others, and following unconfirmed rumors.

It also calls for the need for people to be cautious of their words and actions, as we never know who might be affected by our gossip and negative sentiments.

As a man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman highlighted the significance of truth, kindness, and treating others with utmost respect.

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