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My Lecturer Invited Me To His House Only To F!nger Me – Level 100 Legon Student Narrates Heartbreaking Experience



In an astonishing revelation on social media, an unidentified Level 100 student at the University of Ghana, Legon gave a narration concerning a heartbreaking incident involving her lecturer.

According to the account given by the first year tertiary student, the lecturer had been giving her strange glances during class sessions, and this behaviour kept repeating itself over time.

Eventually, the lecturer in question managed to obtain her phone number through a mutual acquaintance.

One day, while resting in her hostel, she received a telephone call from an unknown number, and to her utmost astonishment, it was the same lecturer asking her to come to his house for a one-on-one study session. Feeling uncomfortable but uncertain about how to reject the invitation, she decided to play along and hurriedly went to his place.

Once they started studying, the situation took an alarming twist when the young lady noticed the lecturer paying close attention to her breasts with a lustful expression.

Before she could say jack, the lecturer had already started kissing her without her approval.

Feeling enslaved and unable to react in an antagonistic manner, the female student vunerably endured the uncomfortable situation, as the lecturer proceeded to make unexpected advances, including putting his hand under her skirt and engaging in unwanted sexual activity.

The student expressed her powerlessness, as she appeared unable to resist or prevent the assault from occurring.

This deeply unsettling ordeal has left traumatized and as such she is seeking support and understanding from the anyone who can be of any help to her.

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