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Why I Didn’t Continue School After JHS – Popular Ghanaian TikToker Ama Tells It All



If you are a true TikTok enthusiast, then it is possible you’ve come across Kofi Ne Ama, the two love birds who act as mother and son in the various comic skits they share to entertain their fans.
The dating couple recently had a sit down discussion with award-winning Ghanaian blogger, Zionfelix, and shared with the public, some insight about their life online.
Ama during the interview, revealed that the furthest she has gone with regards to her educational pursuit is to the apex of the basic school level otherwise known as junior high school.
When questioned on why she could not further her education after basic school, Ama revealed that she actually wanted to proceed to the senior high school and even move further to any of the notable tertiary institutions in the country.
However, she did not have the financial capacity to cater for her educational needs.
The hilarious TikToker stated that at the time, her dad was the one responsible for the payment of his admission fees, and as such he paid all the other tuition fees for her to go to school but as at that time he was no longer married to her mother.
Furthermore, Ama’s dad who is currently a Muslim had married different women aside her mother and had over 25 other children to cater for.
In line with this particular case, he told her point blank that he didn’t have any money to support her education at the time.
Asked if those circumstances has in any way affected the relationship between herself and her dad, Ama quickly retorted stating that it hasn’t affected their relationship at all.
She reiterated that she has a very cordial relationship with her father despite his refusal to cater for her educational needs to the apex.

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