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I Didn’t Know Kaywa Will Be Disappointed Over My Exit From His Label – Lasmid Reveals



Talented Ghanaian hiplife musician, Lasmid says he had no idea leaving the Highly Spiritual record label was going to be a disappointment experience for his former boss Kaywa.

This comes after “Running” hitmaker’s former label boss, Kaywa expressed his utmost disappointment in him for exiting the record label after investing huge amounts of money into his craft.

Kaywa in an earlier interview revealed that after investing and pushing to put Lasmid to the next level, he decided to leave.

Lamenting on his disappointment, Kaywa disclosed that If he is to talk about the massive investments made to propel the singer’s career, everybody will know it really went deep.

According to Kaywa, Lasmid is someone he really loves a lot, so he personally tried to push him.

Adding to this, Kawya said someone like Mr. Drew will even accuse him of using their money to push this guy (Lasmid), but he still went ahead because he knew the potential the “Friday Night” hitmaker possessed.

Per Kaywa’s narration, after Lasmid’s song “Friday Night” became a hit, he expressed his willingness to extend their contract and though the contract was not officially signed, it was considered sealed with understanding.

However, the “Friday Night” hitmaker had a change of mind and sought legal advice, which eventually resulted in what Kaywa described as outrageous demands and the suspension of their relationship.

The CEO of Highly Spiritual Music said he believes Lasmid’s decision to exit the label was influenced by his association with other musicians who may have influenced his thinking and the perception that he had become too big to be working with the label.

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Responding to this in an interview on Kingdom FM this week, Lasmid stated emphatically that, he has not wronged his former label boss in anyway.

He reiterated that, even after exiting Highly Spiritual, he is still in good terms with his “father” Kaywa.

Explaining further, he stated that he believes that when one does something wrong that is when people get hurt or feel disappointed.

However, on his part, he feels he has done nothing wrong, but if there is an issue to be discussed, he will do that at the right time.

Furthermore, Lasmid made it clear he is still cool with his former label boss and still talks to him irrespective of what has happened in the past.