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Sadio Mane Was Racially Abused At Bayern Munich – PR Manager Reveals



In football, the most speculated stories are either claims of sexual misconduct or racism, and for former Liverpool attacker, Sadio Mane, he falls victim to the racist canker according to a recent interview granted by his PR manager, Bacary Cissé.
This follows the dressing room bust up between the former Liverpool attacker and Leroy Sane in a row that was infuriated after Bayern Munich’s exit from the Champions League last season at the hands of Manchester City.
In a well detailed interview with RMC Sport’s programme, ‘AfterRMC, Bacary Cissé delves deep to call Leroy Sane out for his condescending attitude towards Mane that had angered the former Southampton player to retaliate in equal measure.
The PR Manager of Mane stated that, everyone with a knowledge of European football is aware of the fact that Leroy Sané is a very condescending guy, while Sadio Mane is very calm and collective as demonstrated by the player everywhere he played.
Bacary Cissé, however, stated that Sané has exceeded the limits. The recent interview went further to clarify a certain report that had been circulated on numerous media platforms, which Indicated that Sadio Mane had been fined €500,000.
The Senegalese striker’s PR Manager strongly debunked the claims, dismissing it as a unsubstantiated rumor.
Cissé attributed these false reports to biased coverage in the German press, which he claimed had favored Leroy Sané over his client. Central to this issue was the incident itself and its aftermath.
Bacary Cissé revealed that Sané had extended an official apology to Sadio Mané following the incident, acknowledging his own mistake.
The sincere apology came after Sané reportedly reached out to other players to facilitate communication between Mané and himself.
Per Cissé’s disclosure, Mane responded accordingly and accepted Sane’s apology, but he told him that  the situation shouldn’t repeat itself again.
Cissé went further to accuse Sane of raining racial abuse on Mane during the incident, however the PR manager refused to delve deep into details concerning the incident.
According to PR Manager of the Senegalese international, Mane’s skin color bothered Leroy Sane so much that he could see how much it bothered those in charge at Bayern Munich.
Mane currently plies his trade in Saudi Arabia, as teammates with Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nassr.

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