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Beverly Afaglo Reacts To Trolls From Netizens



Popular Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Beverly Afaglo has taken to her social media pages to respond to certain comments made about her in the media space after some comments she made in interviews granted not long ago.

The recent remark made by Beverly Afaglo got a Ghanaian publicist and PR manager, identified Alexander Fiifi Abeka, and popularly known as Xerda, to take to her official Facebook page to state that he feels the actress is one of the most bitter actresses in the country.
“Actresses who overtook me when I was single are looking to start a family – Beverly Afaglo.
“The whole Ghanaian movie industry circle, this woman’s bitterness amuses me pass. Like she felt she was destined for greatness and it never reached the equilibrium so everyone should be ready for her failure” he wrote.
The post shared by Beverly Afaglo triggered massive reactions from followers of Xerda, who appeared to have similar perceptions about the CEO of Traffic Shawarma, and why they felt she was actually bitter and not too relevant.
Beverly Afaglo is reported to have made some comments with indications she believes some of the actresses who gained prominence in the Ghanaian movie industry when she decided to take a break so she could focus on her marriage are now in dying need for life partners.
Appearing on a recent show, Beverly was questioned by the host of the show about the comments she was making on social media in regards to actresses now searching for their life partners.
The popular Ghanaian actress went straight to the point explaining that the things she said on social media were rather misconstrued.
Later on, she took to her official Instagram page to further react to what netizens said.
“My name is Beverly Afaglo. I am a pure-hearted and sincere personality. I am real, I don’t pretend, I don’t fake. I’m just being me. I’m a Gemini so most times I’m too blunt and sincere and some people can’t stand that about me and they call me names. I don’t want popularity or trends, I have had enough in my lifetime. You have no idea how many interviews my management and I turn down daily and weekly. I don’t grant interviews. I hate them because I’m sincere and some people get offended when I speak the truth so I avoid them. If you get me on your show, you have persisted and pushed for so long and I respect you so much I couldn’t keep saying no”.
“Now, if I’m not relevant I won’t be invited to shows/events. If I’m not relevant, people won’t write about me. They know I drive traffic for them. Dear writers and commentators, you don’t know me personally so when writing about me use some decorum because this is a brand that has been built over 16yrs of hard work and consistency. Thank God I’m still called for jobs and appearances and that’s all my business is, not for trends. Don’t use my name to get a name and still call me a nobody”.
“I am Beverly Afaglo, don’t compare me to your favorite. Stay with ur favorites, and allow my favorites to love me just as I am. Hating someone you don’t even know is evil. Enough, please. Thank you” she wrote in a long post.

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