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It’s Been 60 Days, I’m Still Dancing – Agyinasare To Nogokpo Traditional Leaders



Head Pastor and founder of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare has stated that despite the 14-day ultimatum and libations poured against him by the chiefs and traditional leaders of the Nogokpo township, he is still alive and kicking.

This, according to the Archbishop, is because he is a recognized child of the Almighty God and hence cannot be cursed or defiled by any entity.

Speaking to his congregants in a recent church gathering, the Archbishop said while he is not ready or eager to meet the demands of the traditional leaders and indigenes of Nogokpo, he will also not face any repercussions for taking such a decision.

According to Archbishop Agyinasare, history can never be erased because everything was done publicly.

He further stated that all the television stations took it, including social media and these platforms revealed that the people of Nogokpo said they will show him in 14 days who controls the cosmic realm but after 60 days, he is still where he is, fit and healthy.

He also stressed that, he is not going anywhere, not now because it is not time for him to go yet.

The man of God also disclosed that be  has some more devils to cast out, some more sick people to heal, some more people to empower, and some more teachings to release.

The widely revered Archbishop further stated that based on biblical principles, he is a fighter who takes delight in fighting a good fight since that is the characteristic of a good Christian.

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