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It’s Not Shameful For Ghanaians To Do Afrobeats, But They Should Have Held On To Hiplife – Reggie Rockstone



Veteran Ghanaian music maker Reggie Rockstone has posited that it’s never shameful for Ghanaian musicians to consider jumping on the afrobeat genre even though it emanated from Ghanaian’s highlife genre.

Per Reggie’s statements, Nigerians are dominating their Afrobeat genre because of their massive numbers, wealth and the high level of unity that exists amongst them, and it’s normal for Ghanaians to also jump on it.

The grandpapa of hiplife music, however, lashed Ghanaian musicians over their inability to hold on to hiplife even though they’re currently more into Afrobeats.

He reiterated that, Afrobeats originated from Ghana’s highlife and the Nigerians give us credit for that.

However, Ghana’s music industry would have gone way beyond its current status if Ghanaians still held on to the hiplife genre because that is what they are originally recognized for.

Reggie fumed as he disclosed that Americans do other genres but never let go of their hip hop, and affirmed that he still believes hiplife is not dead and there’s more hope of reviving it.

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