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My 15-Year-Old Daughter Sometimes Consoles Me – Kwabena Kwabena



Legendary Ghanaian highlife musician, George Kwabena Adu popularly known in the entertainment circle as Kwabena Kwabena has revealed that, it is her fifteen-year-old daughter who often gives him comfort on the negative things people say about him.

According to Kwabena Kwabena, his daughter has been able to do that, because she has come to realize that, all that Ghanaians say about him, especially on social media are false.

For some months now, the “Adult Music” hitmaker came under attacks by Ghanaians, especially social media enthusiasts, with most of them accusing him of being gay following his style of dressing at the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA) ceremony.

Astonishingly, most of these social media critics have also derived their accusations from the kind of outfit and how the musician carries himself, especially at public gatherings.

At this year’s VGMA, Kwabena Kwabena was spotted wearing an outfit which clearly looked like a female dress.

However, speaking in a recent interview on Accra-based Asaase FM, Kwabena Kwabena remained insistent that the perception created about him by many most Ghanaians is not true.

According to the award-winning highlife singer, one’s s*cannot be determined by what he or she puts on as his or her outfit.

Explaining how he manages to deal with issues like this, the singer said his daughter knows him, adding that she is actually matured at fifteen because she consoles him.

He further disclosed that his fifteen-year-old daughter is the one who will actually talk to him and asked him how is coping with all the speculations because she knows that is not what it is.

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Kwabena Kwabena reiterated that, he responds by telling her daughter, that is the society they find themselves in, adding that it’s unfortunate they as individuals, have a society that believes in things of this sort.