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What You Should Do If You Want God To Answer Your Prayers – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals



Head Pastor and General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi recently spoke to his members about “Fresh Focus on the Divine Plan” at their usual Monday Bible Study.

In one of the Pastor’s subtopics, he spoke about, “The Practical, Perfect Faith That Conquered The Warriors” and revealed that it is the responsibility of each and everyone to respond to what the Lord has given.

He indicated that in the case of the children of Israel, they had practical faith that conquers the enemies fled because the children of Israel were conquering them.

He further said that Joshua became so bold and courageous, hence we must have faith, be bold and courageous like Him.

Moving forward, he revealed what each and every individual should do if he or she wants God to answer his or hee prayer.

Explaining that one thing that should be done, he said that one has to be consecrated and committed to the work of God if he seriously wants answers to prayers just as how Joshua did.

Pastor Kumuyi posed a rhetorical question, asking that, on what purpose will God answer one’s prayers when he or she is doing nothing and is not committed to the great commission?

In response to this rhetorical question, he said It’s only when an individual is consecrated to the great commission that God will answer his prayers.

Citing an example to back his claim, he said Joshua was committed to the work of the Lord, so when he prayed that the sun should stand still, God answered his prayers, therefore if anybody wants answers to his prayers, he should be committed to the work of God.

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Adding to this, he indicated that the children of Israel had spectacular miracles because they were devoted to what God called them to do and the Lord fought for them.