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“When I Hear The Youth Say They Are Depressed, I Ask Myself, Are These People Paying Bills?” – Apostle Johnson Suleman



Popular Nigerian televangelist and the Head Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has alleged that youths of nowadays use the word “depressed” even when they are yet to start feeding themselves.
In a recent disclosure made by Apostle Johnson Suleman, he stated that he is always concerned when the youth give up easily after little effort.
According to him, he gets amazed when the youth say they are depressed because he wonders the responsibilities they bear that makes them depressed.
He stressed on the fact that, they don’t pay bills, don’t feed children, don’t pay school fees, have not carried a pregnancy for 9 months, haven’t gone to the labor room, haven’t been awake all night taking care of babies that will only make them sleep for just 2 hours in a day over a duration of 5 months, and yet they claim they are depressed.
Apostle Johnson Suleman posited that life is not wired to favor the youthful, adding that there is favor in this life, but it’s for the stubborn, rugged and volatile people.
According to the man of God, this world is a wicked one, and it takes a rugged man to survive it.

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