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CEO of CMG Consult, Alifa Adams Spearheads Yet Another Remarkable Philanthropic Event As He Donates Essential Materials To Enhance Education, Community Development, and Humanitarian Aid In Bawku (Photos)



The Chief Executive Officer of CMG (Central Migration Grace) Consult Limited, Mr. Alifa Adams, a highly acknowledged business mogul and philanthropist, has masterminded yet another remarkable project aimed at evolving his business leadership to embody a philanthropic drive geared towards enhancing education, and offering significant humanitarian aid to people of his community.
At the helm of the reputable Consultancy firm, a widely revered travel and tour consultancy, Mr. Adams’ immense dedication goes beyond borders, constituting a profound commitment to his hometown, Bawku, a town located in the Northern part of Ghana.
In a highly resourceful and insightful initiative, Mr. Alifa Adams has taken it upon himself to frontline a comprehensive effort that comprises a variety of aspects centered on community development.
Besides the donation of requisite educational materials to schools within the Bawku municipality, the CEO of CMG Consult also extended his support to look into a number community needs affecting the community.
The initiative spearheaded Mr. Alifa and his team at CMG Consult saw the distribution of 5,000 pairs of male and female shoes for students of school-going age, 5,000 exercise books to facilitate learning and growth, as well as the dissemination of 5,000 school bags, aimed at equipping students with needed tools for their educational journey.
In addition to this impressive education support, Mr. Alifa demonstrated his utmost dedication to the religious and community centers of the Bawku municipality by providing the various religious groups in the community with important tools.
In fulfilment of their promise to provide religious bodies in the municipality with some important tools needed to make their worship a less tedious one, the CEO of CMG Media distributed 10 amplifiers with speakers and microphones to local mosques, aimed at enhancing the audio experience for congregational prayers.
Additionally, Mr.  Alifa Adams and his team gave out 200 prayer mats to ensure a comfortable space for devout worship and shared 200 pieces of Jalabia clothing to the aforementioned religious groups, to enable individuals participate in prayers with reverence.
To top it up, they also provided the community’s Islamic groups with 5,000 tasbia (prayer beads), to ensure they build a deeper connection with spiritual practices, as well as seeing to it that 200 shajada (prayer rugs) are distributed to people of the Muslim community, to help elevate the prayer experience for many Muslims within the municipality.
Taking a critical look as the relevance of clothing and basic necessities, Mr Alifa went further to contribute 5,000 sets of second-hand clothing, aimed at extending a helping hand to individuals in need.
Additionally, the CEO of CMG Consult donated 1,000 bags of rice, to meet a fundamental dietary requirement and ease food insecurity in the community, and ensured 1,060 packs of oil,  were provided to indigenes of the Bawku to tackle a crucial cooking staple for families.
With his broad understanding of the importance of hygiene and well-being, Mr. Adams also included 1,080 packs of sanitary pads, to acknowledge the essence of women’s health and dignity.
This thought through initiative was perpetuated through the active collaboration of a dynamic team of local youths who worked tirelessly on behalf of Mr. Alifa Adams.
Their constant involvement clearly reflects the unity and collaboration needed for meaningful community development.
This recent donation event garnered heartfelt gratitude from Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA), school principals, religious leaders, as well as community members.
The effect of this comprehensive effort resonates deeply, addressing education, spirituality, basic needs, and the overall growth of the community.
As the frontliner of CMG Consult and a devoted philanthropist, Mr. Alifa Adams and his dynamic team represent an embodiment of compassion, rapid response, and genuine commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of people and livelihoods of community inhabitants.
This initiative doesn’t only focus on bolstering education and community development but also reignites the potential for transformative progress when collective efforts collaborate.
Amid the promise of Bawku’s revitalization, Mr. Alifa Adams’ multifaceted philanthropic endeavor shines as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to embrace compassion and contribute towards making a meaningful change in the lives of people, especially the needy.
Videos and snapshots of the recent donation made by the CMG Consult group can be accessed on BAWKU FM’s official Facebook page.
Below are excerpts from the philanthropic event masterminded by the CEO of CMG Consult.

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