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When You Get Married, You’ll Get Tired Of S*x Because You Will Get Access To Raw S*x – Blessing CEO



Widely revered Nigerian social media relationship and mental health expert, Blessing CEO, has shared a piece in a recent Facebook post of hers to explain to women why they will eventually get tired of s*x when they get married.
She made it known in a recent social media post that women will suddenly get fed up of s€x because they will have easy access to raw s*x when they get married.
The popular relationship and mental health expert revealed that men who do not sl€€p with their wives regularly deserve some respect because it shows that they have sincerely self-control.
Furthermore, she stated that s*x is not love, adding that women should not fall into the trap of some men who always lie to them that having s*x will increase the amount of love in their relationship.
In a statement made by Blessing in her recently publicized video, she said, when a lady gets married, she will eventually get tired of s*x because she will have the liberty to enjoy the amorous act and have access to raw s*x.
According to the relationship therapist, s*x isn’t love, and women shouldn’t be deceived by men who say s*x brings love.

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