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“Ghanaians Are Daft, Who Told You There Is A Road From Accra To London?” – Twene Jonas Goes Wild



U.S-based Ghanaian content creator, Twene Jonas, has lashed Ghanaians for being too gullible and the Wanderlust Ghana crew for being deceitful.
According to Twene Jonas, its a blatant lie for anyone to claim they travelled from the capital city of Ghana, Accra to London by road because there is no such road network anywhere.
Jonas made it clear that Africans are too deceitful because even though they used a ferry to cross over at points during the said journey, the Wanderlust Ghana team were claiming to have travelled by road from Accra to London.
He also lambasted Ghanaians for being extremely gullible, claiming citizens of Ghana are fishes locally identified in the Akan language as “man” for believing anyone can travel from Accra to London by road.
Some netizens pointed out in the comment section of his recent disclosure that if he followed the trip carefully, he would know that the Wanderlust team made it clear that there are points where they would need to use ferrys due to the nature of geography.

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