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Kwesi Arthur Fell Off After He Cut His Dreadlocks – Ghanaian Man Causes Stir With Recent Claim



A Ghanaian man sparked a heated discussion by asserting that popular Ghanaian hip-hop musician Kwesi Arthur had lost relevance in the music scene following his decision to cut off his recognizable dreadlocks.

The man posited that such a drastic switch in a brand image could wield a significant influence on an artiste’s career trajectory, and he expressed his disagreement with Arthur’s new brand image.

The TikToke video, which quickly gained notoriety on social media, featured the man passionately discussing the impact of altering one’s physical appearance in the entertainment industry.

He further claimed that a musician’s brand and identity are intricately linked, and a sudden change can result in a loss of connection with fans who have grown to get used to a specific image.

The man revealed that he believed that the rapper’s decision to abandon his trademark hairstyle could potentially result in a downgrade in his popularity and affect his standing in the music terrain.

The man’s recent remarks sparked a debate among internet users. Some individuals concurred with his point of view, expressing concerns about the potential repercussions of Kwesi Arthur’s decision to transform his brand image.

Contrarily, there were those who debunked the notion that a mere haircut could have a dire effect on such a great influence.

They argued that musical talent and the quality of their work should remain the primary factors in determining an artiste’s relevance in the music terrain.

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