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My Husband Wants To Ch0p Me Almost Every Minute And It’s Affecting My Job – Mother Of Two Laments



A young mother of two who got married in 2017, having lived together with her husband peacefully since then has come out to share a story about her husband’s constant demand for s*x and how it is affecting her professional life.

In a recent disclosure made by the woman who refused to reveal her name, she revealed that she met her husband through her mom.

According to the woman, her mom and her husband’s mother used to be co-workers at one government hospital.

She further stated that, she had just graduated from university and was waiting for her call up letter so she would go for her mandatory service.

Being the first child of her parents, her mom was always on her neck to get married even when it was one of the least things on her mind at that time.

Furthermore, she disclosed that her mother had been pressuring her ever since she was in the university but since she was still in school, she pressured her in a calm manner so that she didn’t get to complain so much.

However, as soon as she graduated, it was as if the whole pressure tripled. She narrated that her mother would always ask her if she had anyone in her life and if she said no, she would ask why she didn’t.

Per her narration, this was the struggle with her for a long time until she began to matchmake her with her colleagues’ kids.

The woman said that her mother tried several times to matchmake her with her colleagues’s kids but that didn’t work out, adding that it’s either the men were not well mannered, or they were controlling or their views just didn’t align.

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She admitted that she was picky because she had her standards and was not ready to settle for less irrespective of the pressure her mom was placing on her or how she would react if they didn’t work out.

She reiterated that she had plans and no one was going to ruin it for me adding that she was already giving up on the incessant matchmaking with clueless men when her husband came along.

She indicated that her husband was jovial, caring and paid so much attention to details, so it didn’t take time for them to click.

She went on to state that they got talking and with each passing day, their chemistry grew stronger, then from friends, they became companions and partners and she was glad she settled for him.

She stated emphatically that life had been good to them. However, even after about 5 years of marriage, her husband still demands sex like they just got married.

The mother of two said her husband wants to have s*x with her every minute of the day and she doesn’t just understand why.

She made it clear that as much as she loves him and can’t even get enough of him, this character of his is beginning to have an adverse effect on various aspects of her life, especially her career.

Explaining further on his predicament, she revealed that she has a very demanding job and most times, she has tasks to undertake at home to turn into her team lead the following day.

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She also said that she comes back from work around 4pm every day and gets everything in place but when she settles down to finish up some tasks from work, her husband wouldn’t let her be.

The lady further stated that the only time he rarely disturbs her with s*x is when he is tired from the day’s work or when she is asleep.

Per her narration, her husband’s constant demand for s*x is affecting her and she finds it very difficult to cope with.

She added that she has spoken with him on several occasions about the situation but nothing seems to change.

Concluding on her narration, she stated that they have kids and sometimes her husband does certain things that kids obviously shouldn’t see them doing.