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I Will Not Speak Again On This Show – Mr. Logic Loses Cool As MzGee Shuts Him Up For Talking Too Much



Widely acknowledged Ghanaian entertainment pundit, Mr Logic felt insulted by the host of United Show program, MzGee, when she stopped him from making a submission while he was still in the process of doing so.
At 12 midnight on 12th August, 2023, Mr Logic was sharing his opinion on how unfair it is to compare Ghanaian musicians to their Nigerian colleagues due to the quality of music and funding.
As Mr Logic was gradually making his point, MzGee told him to wrap up quickly because some of the pundits are even sleeping and that viewers of the program are likely sleeping as well.
After being interrupted on the show, Mr. Logic felt offended and asked her whether she told other pundits to wrap up when they were speaking.
“I don’t side with MzGee but since it’s Mr Logic, I’m okay
He deserves it” one netizen stated.
Below is a summary of the banter between MzGee and Mr. Logic
MzGee defended her action which got Mr Logic to lose his cool and said he will not speak again on the show because the host is fond of doing that.
He then angrily said to MzGee to learn on the job which she found offensive.
In response to the fracas, one netizen added his voice stating that he doesn’t side with MzGee but since it’s Mr Logic, he is okay because he deserves it.

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