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McBrown Made Hosting Look So Easy, See How You’re Struggling – Ghanaians Lash MzGee After Unprofessional Attack On Mr. Logic



Netizens have descended heavily on United Showbiz host MzGee after she had a minor faux pas two days ago, during the most recent episode of the television show.
MzGee totally lost her head during recent Saturday program at a point when entertainment critic and panellist Mr. Logic was making a submission.
The show was running long as expected and Mr. Logic was making his own submission about something, and thoughMzGee wanted to stop him she lacked the tact to do so in an appropriate manner.
Instead, she simply blurted out that Mr. Logic was boring, adding that the other panellists and audience were dosing off as a result of his submission.
Naturally, that angered Mr Logic who clapped back at MzGee, describing her as an unprofessional television show host.
The incident quickly went viral, with most viewers siding with Mr. Logic while they lambasted MzGee.
One netizen stated that MzGee is now finding out that moderating the show is not as easy as McBrown made it look.
“How do u invite someone on your show and ask him for his opinion and when he expresses it you just shut him off by telling him he’s talking too much and that people are yawning. Herh Mzgee u are so unprofessional now u will understand how hot that seat is. Gurl wei paaa herh . Mr Logic God bless you for putting her in her place , she’s become so pompous,” one fan reacted.
“It’s about time they stop this show, it’s no more interesting, nobody watches it again lol,” another added.

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