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When You Employ An Emotional D*mb Person – Ghanaians Call Out MzGee For Her Rude Attitude On Live TV



Widely revered media personality and television show host, MzGee has faced the wrath of Ghanaian citizens over her attitude toward entertainment critic, Mr. Logic during her most recent united showbiz show telecasted on United Television(UTV) yesterday, August 12, 2023.

During the show, Mr. Logic was making a tangible submission when MzGee rudely asked him to be fast with his sentiments because the other guests were feeling sleepy and yawning, in other words pressuring him to end his disclosure because he was making the show boring.

MzGee’s appalling attitude toward Mr, Logic sparked a massive controversy. The television show host was lashed for lacking emotional intelligence with the way she handled the issue.

Her attitude towards Mr. Logic and conduct was recognized as unprofessional and uncivilized. In addition to this, MzGee was asked to render an unqualified apology to Mr. Logic for being rude towards him.

Checking from past experiences, this is the second time MzGee is trending for treating guests on the United Showbiz show with disregard.

Last week, she faced a similar type of backlash for disrespecting award-winning Gospel musician, Empress Gifty.

MzGee had created the impression that Empress Gifty wasn’t serious about her music career based on the sentiments she shared on the show.

This statement from the television show host infuriated Empress Gifty who called her out on her official Instagram page for asking her a silly question.

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