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Repented Pickpocket Says He Made Over Ghc3,000 Daily, Reveals How He Became An Expert In His Criminal Act



A man claiming to be a reformed pickpocket has publicly revealed what he did to make his hands lighter so that victims of his criminal act wouldn’t realise his hands in their pockets, as well as how much he made from the criminal activity on a daily basis.
The Kenyan man simply identified as Moha, was reportedly a recalcitrant pickpocket in Nairobi’s CBD community before he eventually turn a new leaf, stating that, the money he got from the criminal activity was cursed.
In a recent interview with Edmac Media on YouTube, Moha recounted that he a driver’s mate before he took the bold decision to venture into pickpocketing, which he claims was more lucrative, although criminal and extremely dangerous.
He narrated that he never called out the fare when passengers boarded his car.
Mr. Mohammed said as other vehicles charged KSh 30, he would charge only KSh 50.
Moving forward, he revealed that a friend of his introduced him to pickpocketing by encouraging him to carry a five-litre jerrican to make his hand lighter.
He said that when he put his hand in your pocket, it will be very difficult for you to feel it.
According to the repented pickpocket, the result of his first day of the crime boosted his interest and he made a lot of money after that introductory experience.
He stated that the first phone he stole was a brand new Samsung S6, adding that he stole it at a time when it was freshly released.
Furthermore, he narrated that he took it to a broker and got KSh 40,000 confessing that it was a sweet deal compared to the KSh 1,000 he made as a driver’s mate.
Explaining further on how he went about the criminal act, Mr. Moha said that he and his co-criminals worked with a syndicate, which made it very easy to steal from unsuspecting victims successfully.
He further disclosed that he would steal phones through matatu windows and disappear in traffic, adding that they also worked with women of the night to steal from their clients.
Meanwhile, just like every criminal activity, pickpocketing also has its own hazard, and Moha fell victim to some of those perils at a point in time.
On two different occasions, he was arrested in the act of pickpocketing and beaten to a pulp by mobs.
He revealed that one day, he got caught after stealing from a woman on a boda boda, and the riders descended on him, after he fell into a seven-day coma.
He recalled that before the incident, his mother only heard rumours that he was a pickpocket aftwr getting to hear about those speculations, she started hating him.
Mr. Moha said although he made a lot of money from his pickpocketing activity, including his highest booty, which was KSh 210,000 stolen from a Somali Mobile Money operator, he realized that all the money he made from the criminal act was cursed and he couldn’t make anything meaningful out of it.
Hopefully, Mr. Moha has repented for good and has no plans of returning to pickpocketing.

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