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“A Lot Of Women Buy It But Not For Food” – Market Woman Reveals What Ladies Buy Cucumber For



A market woman’s video interview has gone viral, causing a massive stir on social media.

In the recent interview that has been making waves on the media terrain, she reveals that cucumbers have become famous among Ghanaian women for unconventional reasons, not for eating but for self-gratification.

The revelation has sparked massive controversies on social media concerning the responsible behaviour of women and s*xuality.

The market woman who sells foodstuffs at Agbogbloshie has caused a relevant stir on social media with her candid remarks in a video interview became a topic for discussion among most Ghanaian citizens, especially women.

The woman revealed that cucumbers have gained popularity among Ghanaian women, not for its nutritional value but for its unconventional uses.

According to the Ghanaian market woman, a rising number of Ghanaian women are patronizing cucumbers not for the preparation of food but for personal use.

While she didn’t emphatically state the purpose of the vegetable in the interview, she implied that these cucumbers are purchased by these women and used for self-gratification in the bedroom.

The video has suddenly gone viral, triggering a mixed reaction of astonishment, amusement and controversy among netizens.

“When you go to market, make sure you smell the cucumber before buying please..inah if you go make sandwich and it smells some style don’t blame Jesus”. mr.limitless8 said

“So sad, trust me it’s not funny…we are sick as a generation, some of our mothers and fathers have failed and they are into this nonsense” merichardyamoahme further indicated.

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