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Men Are Not The Prize – Kafui Danku



Veteran Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Kafui Danku has revealed that men are naturally born to safeguard and be of service to women and children and hence they shouldn’t feel like they are the prize.
According to the famous Ghanaian actress, a woman’s money is ideally here when there is no support, hence, she needs to do something for herself by hustling.
She asserted that, as a woman, you’re supposed to hustle while the man stays to provide support.
Kafui went on to state that, men are supposed to build into the dreams of women and supposed to give them money to support theur dream.
She further stressed that, men always feel like they are the prize but they are not the prize.
The actress further detailed that women are making men feel they are the prize but that is not the case
She further revealed that a woman’s car can get broken and you will see men coming in to help them not basically because they’re interested in them but because it’s their utmost responsibility to make a woman feel special because women go through a lot and need to be compensated accordingly.
Kafui Danku went on to explain that research has shown that most married men do better in terms of health than men who are not yet married because women are there to offer them that support and energy, so women deserve the best because they go through a lot like aging quickly, hair loss, among many others.
Furthermore, she stated that most women are not supposed to be stressed but should have several options like taking rest after childbirth so they can be able to bond with their children.
Kafui Danku emphasized that she learned about the word ‘feminism’ a few years ago when she had a discussion but not on the radio.
The actress recalled she was the reason her mother had to share dishwashing responsibilities between her and her siblings because she had that believe everyone should be responsible for whatever they had to do.

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