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Asantewaa Claps Back At Ama Official After Claiming She Is Pregnant For Her Brother



Ghanaian social media influencer, Asantewaa has finally reacted to the recent bombshell claim from colleague Tiktok content creator Ama Official, alleging she’s pregnant for her brother Kayverli.
Relentlessly, the young TikTok star still continues to press necks with her shameless attitude.
In a recent video shared by Ama Official who had earlier claimed that Asantewaa’s brother forcefully had s*x with her adding that she hopes a pregnancy develops from that, suddenly confirmed that she is pregnant.
The TikToker claims she went to the hospital for a pregnancy test and the doctor confirmed to her that she should be expecting a baby soon.
Ama Official also laid responsibility for her alleged pregnancy on Kayverli.
Asantewaa, who was questioned about the allegation by a concerned fan, completely lost her cool, lambasting the person in question.
“I’m very busy searchin for money…the next time whoever enters my dm with such a st*pid comment won’t have it cool with me” Asantewaa fumed.
“If you don’t know what to do with your life and you are not busy come for sitsafe and go and sell,” she further stated.
From all indications, it’s safe to say Asantewaa and her brother, Kayverli, are not taking Ama Official’s claim well at all.
Let’s wait and see how the whole situation eventually unfolds as the the days go by.

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