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“Let’s Meet At 2 Am” – Kanayo Kanayo Replies Portable After He Declared Himself ‘The New Kanayo’



Widely acknowledged Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has responded in a side-splitting manner to Portable’s jest, daring him with a hilarious tone to cross paths during the shadowy depths of midnight, coming on the back of the musician’s playful reference to the actor as a “ritualist.”

Following the talented singer’s comparison of himself to the celebrated actor Kanayo O. Kanayo and his mention of the actor’s ritualistic portrayals in a large number of his vintage Nollywood movies, an invitation has been dispatched by Kanayo O. Kanayo to Portable.
In a recent video posted by the actor, the Zazuu crooner, who discussed the concept of Kanayo Kanayo being a practitioner of rituals, highlighted that performing rituals is a prerequisite for attaining success in life, similar to the accomplished actor.
In line with the disclosure made by Portable, the widely recognized Nigerian movie maker has extended a captivating invitation to the ever-popular crooner, Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable, following his significant statement about the need for sacrifice in life’s expedition.
In a recent video posted by Kanayo O. Kanayo on his official instagram page, there’s a scene where Portable and his entourage are sighted arriving at the Asaba airport.
As they disembarked from the aircraft, Portable openly discussed his active involvement in ritual practices, seemingly unfazed by the significant presence of those around him.
The Nigerian-based vocalist laid emphasis on the necessity of engaging in rituals as a means of achieving success in life, hilariously identifying himself as the new “Kanayo,” a playful nod to the iconic roles portrayed by actor Kanayo O. Kanayo in most of his classic Nollywood films.
The singer went on to state that he had sanctified his head by immersing himself in the waters of the goddess Osun, which he deemed as his personal ritualistic act.

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