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Allowing NAM1 To Walk A Free Man Will Make Room For More Frauds And Investment Jokes – Ghanaian Journalist Reveals



Popular Ghanaian journalist and co-host of Happy98.9 FM’s “Happy Morning Show”, Raymond Nyamador has expressed immense concerns about the recent actions and statements made by Mr. Nana Appiah Mensah, popularly known as NAM 1, the CEO of Menzgold.

Mr. Nyamador who has been closely following the Menzgold issue, cautioned that NAM1’s freedom has created fertile ground for a wide range of fraudulent activities and investment jokes to thrive in Ghana.

During his disclosure, he stated that customers of Menzgold have had closure, hence Nam1 shouldn’t be out there talking like that and stop playing.

According to Mr. Raymond Nyamador, NAM1 is taking his customers for granted
and Ghanaians for that matter.

He reiterated that when NAM1 comes talking like that, he would get people infuriated adding that his sentiments clearly shows he doesn’t have money to pay anybody anywhere.

The backdrop to the journalist’s remarks is in line with the ongoing Menzgold crisis, which has left many customers with their investments locked up for years.

However, on August 18, 2023, NAM 1 announced that customers must be ready to pay GH¢650 for their transactions to be verified before they can be paid.

This move was met with massive skepticism and immense frustration from numerous customers who had already been waiting for years to get access to their funds.

A recent attempt by one of NAM1’s customers to follow the “pay before verification” process revealed an astonishing timeline, as it was cited that the locked-up funds would only be released in two years time, adding to the distress of Menzgold investors.

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In a surprising turn of events, NAM 1, in a statement on August 20, declared that the “pay before verification” requirement would be withheld, pending a review.

This abrupt change in decision has further fueled skepticism and massive frustration among numerous Menzgold customers.

The announcement also comes after his previous attempt with the launch of the “payboy” scheme for aggrieved customers to assess their money failed to materialize.

Raymond Nyamador’s critical analysis on this issue serves as a reminder of the deep-seated concerns and grievances held by Menzgold customers, who have been able to endure financial hardship and uncertainty over the past few years.

As the Menzgold brouhaha continues to unfold, so many people are eagerly waiting for a resolution that will provide clarity and closure to the investors who have been hit by the menace.

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