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My Chemistry With ‘Pawpaw’ Was Predestined – Actor Aki Reveals



Though they are quite similar in terms of physique, there are so different when it comes to behavioral characteristics.
Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme’s character is described as predestined as the former shares his journey to the legendary character of Aki and Paw Paw with Osita Ihemein a recent chit-chat with Chude.
Throwing more light on their first encounter on the “Aki na Ukwa” movie, way back in 2002, as one where they connected instantly, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki said from the first day he met Osita Iheme otherwise known as Paw Paw, he noticed there was this chemistry between them.
Chinedu has expressed certainty, stating that, his meeting with Paw Paw on set that faithful day and their characters were predestined, based on the varying circumstances that surrounded them before they met.
“Whenever I got to the market, I will meet one lady that will say, ehn ehn, you were here yesterday, you remember, you asked me to keep these clothes when Osita will come she will tell him, you came and collected the clothes nah” he explained.
The popular Nollywood actor also shared that while he was still in school he used to hear some of his colleagues narrating to him how they had seen someone that looked just like him, and then meeting him on set,
According to him, he knew that he was the one everyone was talking about all along.
Chinedu also explained how the major difference between he and Osita’s characters, even with how similar their acting roles may be.
“You know Osita, if you see him from afar, he is this shy type of a guy but when you come closer, you will see he is not… He is more or less an introvert” he revealed.
Aki attributes their chemistry as one of the major reasons for their great acting on screen, explaining their little secret on how they would cue each other in if they mistakenly missed their lines and how no one around them would know except they were holding their script.

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