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All The Boys I Did ‘Juju’ For Should Come And Pay Me My Percentage Or Face Serious Calamities – Spiritualist Issues Stern Warning To Clients



A video has captured the moment when a female spiritualist issued a strong warning to her male clients who have intentionally refused to return her percentage of the money after she performed rituals that enabled them to make money.

In a recent video which has gone viral on numerous social media platforms, the unidentified female spiritualist claimed to have done some rituals for her clients that has enriched them financially.
She revealed that these male clients had pledged to give her a certain percentage from their financial earnings. However, they have gone back on their words as she hasn’t heard from them since the rituals materialized.
Issuing out a fair caution to them, she warned that if they do not come of their own accord to make payment for the amount promised, she’d be compelled to make them meet numerous unfortunate fate.
The female spiritualist gave them an ultimatum from now till December to come give her a percentage of their wealth or she’d be forced to act on what she has in mind for them.

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