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Man Breaks Up With His Fiancé At Their Engagement Party For Cheating



What was supposed to be one of the happiest day in the life of the fiancé of a rich millionaire suddenly turned to tears as she got dumped on that faithful day of her engagement in the presence of her friends and family.
The man, who is identified as Massimo Segre is an Italian millionaire who gave up his all during the said engagement party when he was asked to speak.
According to the Italian millionaire, he has been dating his fiancé, who is identified as Cristina Seymandi, 47 , for a while now and has plans to marry her but unfortunately, that is not going to happen because she has been cheating on him.
While speaking into the microphone at their engagement ceremony, he revealed that prior to their engagement, he got informed that she had been having an affair with another guy and wanted to use the opportunity to set her free so she could have her way with that man.
“I want to give Cristina the freedom to love. Specifically, to love another person; a notable lawyer, who she clearly cares about more than me” he said.
“Dear Cristina, I know how much you are in love with him mentally and s*xually” he further stated.
“I know that before him you had a relationship with an industrialist acquaintance”he added.
“Don’t think it pleases me to look like a cuckold in front of all of you” he said.
“Cristina is so good at telling her truths, that I couldn’t leave her alone to narrate the reason why I’m ending [our] life together tonight,” he claimed. “It’s a banal story of infidelity, even premarital. I am so disappointed, I am heartbroken.”he concluded.

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