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Managers Are To Be Blamed For Artists Being Ungrateful – Wei Ye Oteng Confesses



Widely revered Ghanaian music producer and artiste manager, Wei Ye Oteng, has opined that artiste managers are the only people to be blamed for the ungrateful attitude exhibited by musicians.
In a recent interview on Spice FM’s ‘OFIE Ne Fie’ show hosted by Nana Ama Shancy, the super talented music producer made it clear that most managers act dumb sometimes and that’s the major cause of artists being ungrateful.
According to Wei Ye Oteng, the ungratefulness comes in numerous ways and he thinks they as managers are to be blamed for such situations.
He reiterated that he is saying this because no matter the circumstances, there should always be a contract.
Adding to this, he said once an artist manager picks someone and makes him a household musician, it is quite obvious they are going to spend a lot.
However, the problem begins to set in when it’s time for the artist manager to reap, but the artiste suddenly decides to opt out and that is the painful aspect of the whole situation.
He further disclosed that these musicians do that without thinking about the loss and the sacrifices made by their managers.
However, they wouldn’t just opt out of the management  team when contracts are included.
Mr. Oteng further added that some musicians sometimes perform, sign ambassadorial deals and collect huge sums of money behind their managers and that is one thing he deems to be heartless.
“They don’t even care what you’re doing for them. They can go behind you and perform at certain places behind your back take huge sums and pretend nothing happened. When you later find out and ask about it, they’ll just lie. Not just performance, they even sign deals you the manager knows nothing about, I mean they do a lot”, Wei Ye Oteng stressed.
According to “Wei ye Oteng”, the only thing that can put a stop to the ungratefulness tag when it comes to music and their managers is the signing of contracts to bind the two parties.

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