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Please Jail Me So I Can Get Free Food, Life’s Been Hard For Me – Man Pleads With Court



The rapidly increasing rate of cost of living has left many individuals in misery, with financial tantrums and difficulties to the point where others contemplate on committing suicide to escape the pressure and hardship that comes with it.

The mental and emotional stress accompanied with struggling to make ends meet can be frustrating, leading to feelings of extreme hopelessness and grief.

This situation saw a 32-year-old man in Nairobi plead with a magistrate court judge to plead guilty of attempted suicide so he will be able to get free food in prison.

The man revealed that he was born and bread in the Makadara area of Likoni but currently lives in Utawala Nairobi.

The 32-year-old man was arraigned after attempting to take his own life, by jumping over the ferry into the ocean, hoping to die by drowning.

In a recent court proceeding that took place on Friday, 1 September 2023, the man pleaded with the magistrate to put him in prison with hopes of having a better life there.

“Let me just tell you the truth, save me by putting me in prison because this suicidal feeling is not good. In prison I will eat food and live,” he said.

While pleading with the magistrate judge, he stated that in his attempt to jump over the ferry, the attendant didn’t even bother to stop him.

The Nairobi man told the magistrate judge that life was not always that bad for him but the situation had gotten worse over time.

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Narrating futher, he indicated that he lives alone adding that he separated from his wife and afterwards, she decided to remarry but didn’t give any reason for their separation.

“Just food your honor and I will live with fellow prisoners and wardens well,” he pleaded with the magistrate judge.