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Abena Korkor Narrates How Her Bipolar Illness Started



Outspoken female social media icon, Abena Korkor has recounted how her bipolar illness began when she was in her third year at the University of Cape Coast (UCC).
She recalled when she was contesting for the SRC Presidency in school and how she had to dance before her target audience listened to her during her campaign.
Abena Korkor added that she doesn’t know if it is really bipolar she is suffering from because she remembers everything she does.
“I don’t know if it’s my intelligence or it’s actually bipolar because I remember everything I do. And everything I do really want to do it and I do it” she disclosed.
Adding to this, she asserted that she is tired of Ghanaians who claim she consciously does what she does to appear insane because she is aware of what she does.
Abena Korkor narrated when she visited the hospital and was diagnosed with a bipolar disease by a qualified doctor, adding that she didn’t actually place it on herself even though she is a naturally hyperactive person but sometimes she shows symptoms of the bipolar disorder.
According to the socialite, some pastors say she is suffering from witchcraft because sometimes she see visions and passes out.
Furthermore, she revealed how she tried all kinds of spiritual directions to control the condition but all to no avail.
She disclosed how her bipolar works when it takes over her mind.
“When I am in my bipolar state, sometimes I see visions, sometimes I go off, sometimes I am hyperactive, I am all over the place, and for a whole year I couldn’t sell even after taking sleeping pills” she further stated.
She asserted that life is an experience and one may encounter traumatic situations but one has to stand firm and learn how to cope with these challenging experiences.
Adding to this, she said she believes that a lot of people are becoming scammers because they are not really getting value for their intelligence. She also attacked Ghanaians and in addition, advised them to focus on themselves.
In conclusion, he advised citizens to stop trying to pull people down while cautioning them to stop talking about Efya Nocturnal’s craft.

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