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Ola Micheal Responds To Musicians Who Claim The Media Doesn’t Help Them



Widely revered Ghanaian media personality, Ola Michael has slammed musicians who claim the media doesn’t help them.
According to Ola Micheal, musicians work hand in hand with the media so it will be extremely difficult for him to accept that there is a grudge between them.
“I’ll be very surprised with anybody who will think there is any rivalry or enmity between the media and the artists” he asserted.
He went on to state that people have different ways of understanding and digesting issues when they hear someone say something about a particular musician.
Ola Micheal made references by citing an example where a fan is disturbed by what the media says about a musician, thereby making the fans think the media hates that particular artist.
Adding to this, he stated that people thinking the media doesn’t support an artist is born out of insensitivity.
“In advanced countries, people actually rent homes closer to celebrity’s homes just to spy on them. What are they looking for? Let’s take it as a journalist is paid and a house is rented close to Stonebwoy, just to spy on him, and get something out of him, and that is part of the job. It doesn’t mean they hate you. It means they are also working” he said.
“When an artist releases a song and the media doesn’t talk about it, where’s the song going? Do you think your social media alone can do it? No, it can’t” he added.
“The best medium we have which is even wider is the microphone, and that’s where we discuss them” he further disclosed.
The famous media personality revealed that people have the perception the media doesn’t support musicians could be one who doesn’t really understand the job of the media or does not appreciate the work of the media.
He reminisced when he used to have a tall list of underground musicians but couldn’t finish working with them but when the artists became popular in the industry, they troll the media for not supporting them.
“Who helped you to the top? Who made people get to know you? So you see, maybe we’re asking for too much from the media. Maybe we’re being ungrateful or maybe we’re just being vile” he said.
“Even if you troll the media, whether we play your song or not, we are still doing what we do” he concluded.

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