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I Regret Quitting Pastoral Role – Avraham Ben Moshe



Famous Ghanaian socialite Avraham Ben Moshe has revealed that he regrets quitting his pastoral role because it is now a highly lucrative job.
Avraham Ben Moshe is the frontliner of the Common Sense Family, a group that engages in debates on religious matters, most especially those pertaining to the belief systems of Christians and Muslims.
According to Avraham, he was born into a Muslim family but did not go with the Islamic doctrines as a child.
“When I was young, I loved to play football. According to Islam, one is supposed to teach a child how to pray at age 7 and discipline the child with a rod at age 10 to be able to go with their doctrines. I didn’t like the Islamic religion because I didn’t understand why they were using a rod on me just to worship Allah” he asserted.
He further revealed that he grew up in a Christian community, adding that if he had grown up in an Islamic community, it would have compelled him to become a Muslim.
Avraham further revealed that he used to gather children around him to share the word of God with them and he used to preach from house to house at a very young age.

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