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I Am Not As Rich As Portrayed On Social Media – Medikal Confesses



Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Medikal has come out to clarify that he is not as rich as most people.

Medikal has long been recognized as one of the richest musicians in the country, with many questioning the actual source of his wealth, as music alone is often not seen as a  highly lucrative job.

Without concrete proof, some Individuals have even speculated that he may be involved in fraudulent activities, locally known as ‘Sakawa’, alongside his music career, using the latter as a cover.

In a recent Twitter Space discussion with Presenter Cookie Tee, the rapper was questioned about his conspicuous display of affluence, including luxurious cars and houses on social media.

In response to this, Medikal explained that the luxui displays are primarily for promotional purposes, designed to enhance his reputation and brand as a musician.

He further emphasized that people shouldn’t take these social media displays too seriously because he is not as rich as he may appear on the media terrain.

“It’s all props, it’s like the Rambo movie, you see him with guns, shooting and killing, but in real life, he’s in The Bahamas chilling, that’s how it is. So what you see on social media is an illusion. It’s just my brand. I don’t have anything. My fans know that whatever I don’t own, I won’t claim as my own. I’m not rich, I’m trying to survive, I’m a hustler just like everyone else,” he revealed.

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