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Change Condoms After Every Round Of S*x – Doctor Advises



Health Director of the Ayawaso West Municipality, Abena Yeboah, has advised Ghanaian youth to change condoms after every round of s*xu@l intercourse.
Condoms are used during s”*xu@l intercourse as contraceptives to help protect and avoid s*xu@lly transmitted diseases. However, Abena Yeboah said the unsanitary use of this preventive measure by some young people has changed its trajectory.
Speaking to Asieduwaa Akumia in a recent interview on Prime Morning, the senior medical doctor revealed that, using one condom multiple times exposes the user to STIs, which can be extremely treacherous to one’s health, hence the need to change it so as to protect one’s self from infections.
“Every condom has a probability of getting torn. This is because you are not supposed to use condoms for too long. Once you are done using it and you ejaculate, you take it off and throw it away. There is no time limit for wearing a condom, but after you climax, just take it off. After one round, use another condom for the next,” Dr. Abena advised.
According to the health expert, STI cases in Ghana are rapidly growing as a result of the unhealthy s*xual practices people engage in.
Furthermore, she explained that, it is very important for people to pay close attention to the fact that all condoms have a high probability of tearing during or after s*x.
Dr. Abena Yeboah went to state that students are deprived of in-depth education about s*x and the most effective ways to protect themselves.
She emphasized that, adolescents nowadays learn about s*x through social media platforms and friends, and this according to her, is one of the major reasons many young people suffer from s*xually transmitted diseases.
In line with this particular assertion of hers, she suggested that the government should incorporate more reproductive health courses into the curriculum to aid students with more insight and education about s*x and the proper use of contraceptives to help them steer clear of STIs.

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