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I Made More Money In Ghana Selling Food Than In SA – Ghanaian Man Who Went Abroad Reveals Why He Returned



A Ghanaian man who travelled to South Africa in search for greener pastures, has provided details on why he eventually decided to return home after three months.
The man identified as Owuahene said a friend who resided in South Africa convinced him to join him there for good wages and better opportunities.
He, however, changed his mind and returned to Ghana because his expectations didn’t meet the experience he had in South Africa.
In an exclusive interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Owuahene said he owned numerous fried rice joints in Kumasi before he left Ghana for South Africa.
“In Kumasi, I had several fried rice joints with about 12 employees. I began to consider travel alternatives for greener pastures and followed the recommendation of a friend to join him in South Africa. I left my cousin in control of the business but returned to Ghana after three months because the job and compensation were not what I expected” he narrated.
Owuahene further revealed that when he came back to Ghana, friends and relatives made him feel bad for his return but he was not unperturbed as his experience in South Africa had taught him to focus on his business and make more money.
Narrating further, he stated that the business he had established were also in debt when he returned, so he worked extra hard to settle the debt of GH¢5,000 and revive his business to its previous state.
According to Owuahene, he later diversified his business by venturing into event planning and became one of the most popular event organisers in Kumasi.
He added that he left Ghana for Germany and decided not to return because his friends attempted to sabotage his food vending business.

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