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People Fear Curses More Than God – Kwame Sefa Kayi



Famous Ghanaian broadcaster, Kwame Sefa Kayi has emphasized on a striking societal phenomenon, asserting that “people fear curses more than God.”

The radio personality and political adept noted that, especially in situations that have to do with controversy or actions in contravention to cultural norms, many individuals seem to draw more motivation and apprehension from curses than from the concept of divine retribution.

Kwame Sefa Kayi further explained that, curses wield a tangible and, in some cases, positive impacts on society, shaping human behavior and guiding their decision-making processes.

In a recent episode of his Kokrokoo show on Accra-based Peace FM, Sefa Kayi shared his opinion, noting that mentioning the name of God no longer strikes fear in the hearts of people.

However, invoking the power of smaller deities or resorting to the threat of curses often elicits a stronger response.

“Do you know when you tell someone you are going to curse them, they get scared, but when you ask them to swear by the Bible or the Quran, they may not hesitate to lie. However, if you threaten to curse them with libations and eggs, they are more likely to speak the truth” he averred.

To lay more emphasis on his point, he recounted a real-life anecdote from one of his listeners.

In this story of his, a young lady who had stolen a phone decided to return it when the owner of the phone threatened to curse whoever stole it.

Upon returning the phone, the lady claimed that she had merely found the phone lying on the floor, illustrating the compelling power of curses in moulding ethical decisions within the society.

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Mr. Sefa Kayi’s assertion is in response to the recent behavior of certain Ghanaians who exhibit a self-centered attitude, often overlooking the dire effects it might have on the nation and society as a whole.

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