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The Secret Behind How The Alpha Hour Midnight Prayer Movement Came About Finally Revealed



The Alpha Hour prayer session is a daily one-hour prayer session held by the ministry of Pastor Agyemang Elvis and has been noted by people giving testimonies to receive answers to their prayers.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang is the frontliner and head pastor of Grace Mountain Ministries in Accra.

The emergence and rapid development of this prayer movement have left many people curious about how it came about and the factors behind its meteoric rise in popularity and the speed with which it has attracted vast following on the internet.

The Alpha Hour prayer session, which takes place every midnight across various social media platforms, sees individuals coming together online to say prayers in order to get a breakthrough from God.

In light of the fact that only few have come to terms with how this online prayer movement came about, here is the story behind how the prayer school came into existence.

Reverend Kwadwo Boateng Bempah (PhD), a widely known international preacher and teacher who operates within all five ministry folds, has finally decided to share the story behind this significant prayer initiative.

During one of his sermons, he revealed that this Alpha Hour prayer movement began when Pastor Elvis had a divine vision.

He indicated that, in this vision, God revealed to him how some Ghanaian leaders were found asleep in their offices, adding that God instructed him (Pastor Elvis) to awaken these leaders and lead them in prayer.

Per his narration, Pastor Elvis suddenly woke up after having this vision, and it happened to be midnight.

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Following this insightful vision, the man of God initiated a midnight prayer session without a specific name for the gathering.

Subsequently, he had yet another vision where the name “ALPHA” was revealed to him.

According to Reverend Kwadwo Boateng Bempah, the origin of this famous prayer movement are deeply rooted in these divine visions and revelations.