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If A Man Says He Has Forgiven You For Cheating On Him, It’s A Lie – Family Therapist, Rita Aduba Asserts



Famous Family therapist, Rita Aduba has revealed that a man is lying if he says that he has forgiven his partner for cheating on him because men naturally don’t know how to forgive a cheating woman.

According to the iconic family therapist, men have the mentality that their cheating wives would always cheat on them again.

”A man cannot endure a cheating wife. A lot of men claim to have forgiven them but the women who they claim to have forgiven still suffer it. Men don’t know how to endure a cheating wife. Even if a man says he has forgiven you for cheating, it is a lie. The mentality is that you will always cheat again” Rita Aduba revealed.

Rita Aduba is a legal practitioner, writer, marriage and family therapist who is recognized for her advises on Instagram and TikTok to men and women on how to deal with their marital problems in order to have a long lasting marital union.

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